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The Conduit developer is making a CCG for Oculus Rift

Dragon Front courts the Magic crowd this spring.

The Conduit developer High Voltage is making a collectible card game for Oculus Rift called Dragon Front.

The upcoming CCG will feature competitive leaderboards and multiple factions with their own unique card attributes. The full game will contain 280 characters, 80 encampments, and over 100 spells across 250 cards.

"In Dragon Front, players are pitted against each other based on skill level and watch their units come to life on the battlefield as they command the action," Oculus said of this upcoming title. "There's also a champion system where each team can summon legendary boss units to the fight and turn the battle in their favour."

Dragon Front is gunning for a release this spring. Here's its debut trailer demonstrating how its card-combat operates in VR:

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