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The back catalogue of Zuntata, Taito's legendary house band, just hit Spotify

Another, better Darius for you to listen to.

Zuntata, Taito's legendary house band, has just seen a large part of its back catalogue hit Spotify, with some 3000 songs now available via the streaming music service.

Zuntata have been going since the 80s, providing soundtracks for the likes of Bubble Bobble, The Ninja Warriors and, most famously, the Darius series.

Widescreen music for widescreen gaming.

Even if you're not overly familiar with their games, this is as good a chance as any to get acquainted with some of the finest soundtracks in gaming. Zuntata's music often has an ethereal, otherworldly quality with a scope and majesty that's only apt when it's being used to accompany a game told in a 4.00:1 aspect ratio, as the original Darius was.

You can read a little more about Darius and its soundtrack in this wonderful piece on the series by Rupert Higham that we published back in 2014.

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