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The age of free Love - the game - has begun

Eskil Steenberg: "Now I just want people to play it."

Hugely ambitious one-man game creator Eskil Steenberg has made his five years in the making title Love completely free to everyone. No micro-transactions or anything.

"What is Love?" you ask, you unfeeling robot you. Aside from being a many splendored thing, Love is a procedurally-generated open-world MMO with no predetermined quests and an unprecedented degree of environmental interaction. Just watch this video below of Steenberg walking us through the many different ways of ascending a ledge.

I caught up with Steenberg to discuss his decision to make his labour of love completely free. When asked if the game was not selling under its previous subscription model Steenberg replied, "It was not selling under any model."

Comparatively, last year he said, "It can go on forever. I make enough money off of it to live off of it."

The real reason he went this route was simply that he wanted to share his creation with the rest of the world, and it wasn't getting the attention it deserved buried under a monetary barrier. Steenberg said it was, "partly because I was never truly happy with it until now, and partly because people thought it was an MMO[RPG], and partly - Hell if I know!"

"Love, in terms of gameplay has been basically rewritten a few times since release. It's a brand new type of game so there are many mistakes to be made but I think that I finally am figuring it out... Now i just want people to play it."

"Love is the game everybody meant to play but never did."

Regarding in-game purchases, Steenberg said, "I don't want to make a game about loot. This is a game about doing things together. Its about the road, not the goal."

However, those who donate to Steenberg will receive a voucher for a persistent character with the ability to move rally points as a perk.

These days Steenberg is keeping busy updating his code and tools and tinkering around with a new game, but he's not sure if it will ever see the light of day.

"I have been building the embryo of something. I haven't figured out if it will be fun in the end so I'm not sure its something I will complete. My next thing may not be a game. I've done a pretty great one."

To check out Love for yourself or support Steenburg via donations, hop on over to the official Love site Quel Solaar.

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