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Tesco has a pop at GAME over 3DS furore

"You could say this is game, set and match."

Yesterday Eurogamer brought you the news that staff at GAME were told to head over to supermarket Tesco last Thursday to buy as many Nintendo 3DS console bundles as they could – so they could sell them in-store as pre-owned.

The news sparked a lively debate among Eurogamer readers over the rights and wrongs of the practice.

But what does Tesco, the supermarket on the receiving end of GAME's "mission", think?

The answer? It's all fun and games.

"We always provide Tesco customers with the best value," a Tesco spokesperson told Eurogamer. "We think you could say this is game, set and match."

Last Thursday – Nintendo 3DS launch night – an internal document was sent to GAME stores encouraging staff to make use of Tesco's £209.90 Nintendo 3DS plus a game bundle.

It would then be traded in to GAME for the exact same amount – to be sold as pre-owned at the same price as mint hardware.

The debate that followed centred on the morality of the practice, and its effect on consumers, but in truth shops have been buying stock from retailer rivals to sell second hand for years.