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Tesco flattens 3DS price to £175

Currys drops tag to £179.

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Supermarket Tesco and high-street electronics shop Currys have both lowered the Nintendo 3DS price to under £180.

Tesco is lowest, asking just £175 for the new device, according to MCV. Currys is after £179, wrote TechRadar.

To qualify for that Tesco price, you'll need to buy an accompanying 3DS game in-store.

Curry's will only sell the 3DS for £179 to the first 150 people in line at Currys on Oxford Street, London.

Those 150 people will also get a £75 voucher book, a £5 discount on selected 3DS games, £15 off Wii Fit and £20 off a Wii console.

Supermarket Morrisons and Amazon had offered the joint-lowest 3DS price of £187.

The Nintendo 3DS carries a RRP of £230. But why does it cost so much? Eurogamer's US news correspondent Fred Dutton investigated exactly how much it costs to make a Nintendo 3DS.

The Nintendo 3DS arrives in the UK tonight, at midnight. Eurogamer has already reviewed it.

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