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Tell us your favourite Star Wars gaming memory, and win Jedi: Survivor on PS5

UPDATE: And the winner is...

Cal Kestis and BD-1 in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor
Image credit: EA

SUPER-DOUBLE UPDATE: There's been a remarkable - and remarkably selfless - twist! Rogueywon has insisted I pass the PS5 Jedi: Survivor code onto someone else, because they already have a copy on PC. Isn't that nice? That means Bel Siebert, you are now the proud owner of the game!

UPDATE 3RD MAY: After much deliberation, a winner has been decided upon, and it's Rogueywon! You could say Rogueywon the prize.

Their experience of the old TIE Fighter game was something I'd never heard before, or considered, and it reinforces the unique power games have to put us inside perspectives we haven't considered before, and open our eyes to them. So thank you again for the thought-provoking memory.

But it was a close-run thing! I want to give a shout-out Bel Siebert, whose memory of a family Star Wars gaming experience really warmed my heart; Spazdarn, whose memory made me burst out laughing; 35antonio, whose memory showcased how powerful unexpected and unintended gameplay experiences can be; Fahrenheit, who I can picture hiding in their DIY X-Wing den; captaind2080, whose final line made me snort with laughter; Weebleman, whose memory shows that there are still powerful new gaming experiences to be had; and MrZappa, who's still not sure if it was a bug that he encountered, but has a lifelong memory - and a shared one with a sibling - because of it.

Also, shout out to jps0227 and Szhival for sharing memories from Brazil and Poland - places where consoles and games weren't as readily available at the time. It's eye-opening to see gaming history from another perspective.

These are by no means all of the memories that entertained me, so thank you again to everyone who shared theirs - I really did have a lovely time reading them. For some reason, I hadn't considered the unique power Star Wars has to continually inspire new generations of game-players, and straddle so many generations, until now. Given that Star Wars is roughly as old as gaming, though, and how similar its appeal is, perhaps it should be no surprise, though. Long may it continue!

Finally, I couldn't end without shouting out Lorreta's incredible anecdote about meeting the late actor Alec Guinness, who played Obi-Wan in the original trilogy of films. It's not a gaming anecdote, granted, but it's still one of the best Star Wars stories I've ever heard. That punchline!

ORIGINAL STORY FRI 28th APRIL: We have a PlayStation 5 copy of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor up for grabs - the game Chris just reviewed that's out this week - and we thought we'd do something nice and give it away to one of you. Yes, that means any of you reading the site, Eurogamer supporter or otherwise.

But because there's only one code, and because there are a lot of you, we had to be creative about how to choose who gets it. So we've decided to do a competition.

The competition is simple: we'd like to hear your favourite Star Wars gaming memory, and the one we like the most will win the code.

Here's Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's final trailer to show it in action.Watch on YouTube

What could your Star Wars memory look like? Well, it's any moment you've had with the franchise in video game form. Maybe you played Fallen Order, the game preceding Survivor, and it's a big sotry moment from that. Or maybe it's a moment from the Battlefront games, while playing with friends.

Or perhaps your Star Wars memories go back further to the Knights of the Old Republic games, or the Jedi Academy and Jedi Knight games before them. Or even further back than that.

Whichever game it is, and whatever the reason, entertain us and that code could be yours. It is, really, a bit of fun.

Entries will be comments written below, and we'll decide upon a winner after the weekend!

Good luck and may the Force be with you.

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