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Teen defends PS3 with sword

As you do.

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A 15 year-old chap called Damian Fernandez who heard burglars going after his PlayStation 3 managed to fend them off last Friday with a samurai sword.

Local 10 (Miami and Fort Lauderdale breaking news, doncha know) reports that when Fernandez and his sister, Deanne, heard burglars prying their front door open, she hid in the closet and he steeled himself in more ways than one guffaw, ready to pounce.

One of the burglars soon discovered an empty PS3 box and ran out of the bedroom, as Fernandez leapt from his bunk bed (nice) and grabbed his sword. We don't know exactly why he had a sword. Local 10 points out he was "a brown belt in karate". We're not sure this is justification.

Anyway, luckily for Fernandez, the burglar came his way, and he was able to lunge at him, striking him in the chest with the sword. For whatever reason (restraint? - cack-handed-ness?), the burglar was left uninjured, and legged it. "He freaked out," Fernandez observed.

And then he ran outside and hid in a tree, where he was soon arrested by a police dog, and then released on bond the next day.

For more, including a video of Fernandez waving his sword about (which we haven't watched, because presumably it has a condescending voice-over that makes it sound like it's a story about a kitten juggling olives saving a small child from a buzzsaw, which is what all local American news sounds like), head to

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