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Teacher attacks late night gaming

Kids' unchecked habits impairing learning.

Unchecked gaming habits are ruining tween-aged children's ability to concentrate and therefore learn.

That's according to one Devon-based teacher, who quizzed his class about the source of their tiredness when concentration levels dipped, reports the BBC. The culprit? Hours of gaming each night, which in the worst case lasted until 4am in the morning.

"The pupils admitted doing this behind their parents' backs," said teacher Richard Gribble from Widey Court Primary School in Plymouth.

In an effort to alert parents, Gribble wrote a column in the school's newsletter that circulates to 600 homes.

"We're not trying to be killjoys and get everything banned but like many things in life it's about striking a balance.

"My main concern is the amount of time some pupils are spending on the consoles," he added.

Gribble stressed that he wanted to work with parents as a team and not simply wag his finger at them.

"The worrying thing is these pupils will soon be starting secondary school where they'll receive more homework and need to spend more time on their work," he said.