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Taskmaster VR is a faithful recreation of the TV show that series fans should really enjoy

But hardcore VR enthusiasts probably won't.

Hello! Taskmaster VR is finally out and on this week's episode of VR Corner, you can watch me try my hand (and spatulas) at a virtual episode of the popular TV show!

I'm playing the Quest 3 version in the video above because the PC version has been delayed due to technical issues, but I'm sad to say that the Quest 3 version is far from perfect. There are some really poor framerates on show here and, rather annoyingly considering that the game relies on a lot of delicate physical movements, there are some occasional issues with object collision and interaction too.

To be fair to the game, this wonkiness can often work in favour of the shows wacky, clumsy and comical vibe, but I think the control issues mixed with the poor framerates will instantly put off hardcore VR enthusiasts who are only after big, polished products.

Nevertheless, I actually had a lot of fun with Taskmaster VR and I want to play more. The games that I took part in had a fair few Taskmaster style surprises in them and they all felt very inventive and made good use of the extra dimensions that VR offers. If you're a casual VRer (is that a word? It is now, I guess) and a fan of the TV show itself, I'd say this one is probably worth picking up, but for anyone else, putting up with the creaky framerate may be a task too far.

And here's the YouTube version, if you'd prefer to give that a watch!Watch on YouTube

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