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Tales of Hearts R brings JRPG series to western Vitas

"Fight with your heart!"

The curiously abbreviated JRPG, Tales of Hearts R, will be making its way to European, Australian and North American Vitas, series producer Hideo Baba has announced.

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According to the US PlayStation Blog, North Americans are getting the game this winter, while the EU PS Blog made no such mention of a release window. Boo-urns!

Tales of Hearts R is the remake of the Japan-only RPG Tales of Hearts, the 11th game in the long-running Tales series. The original Tales of Hearts was released on the DS in 2008, but the remake arrived on Japanese Vitas in March 2013.

The game follows the exploits of a young man who accidentally destroy's a woman's "Spiria Core", i.e. the source of her emotions. As such, he has to do what all JRPG lads of a certain age do and go on a quest to make things right.

Like other Tales games, Hearts R will feature real-time combat and something called the Aerial Chase Linear Motion Battle System, which is a fancy way of saying you can jump and attack in the air.

Here's some footage I found of its Japanese version.

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