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Take a look at Microsoft's special edition Iron Man Xbox One

"Designed by Tony Stark."

Microsoft's rarer, white-coloured Xbox One has won praise for its looks - at least compared to its standard black monolith of a counterpart.

But how about this? A white-coloured Xbox One which has been customised by the hands of Tony Stark aka Iron Man himself (or so says Microsoft).

The console has a customised top plate proudly displaying its Stark Industries heritage and dominated by an illuminated "arc reactor" centrepiece.

Its white controller has also been customised with Stark Industries branding a miniature arc reactor within its power button.

At least three of these creations have been made to celebrate this week's launch of Captain America: Civil War (hold up your Xbox One and may also act as a shield).

But, so far, only Xbox France is giving the consoles away. There's one apiece to win via the company's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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