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Tactical RPG sequel King's Bounty 2 delayed to August on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC

To deliver the "best possible experience".

King's Bounty 2, the sequel to Heroes of Might and Magic creator Jon Van Caneghem's classic tactical fantasy RPG, will no longer release in March as originally announced and is now expected to make its way to Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC on 24th August this year.

King's Bounty 2 is developer 1C Entertainment's first stab at a numbered King's Bounty sequel (it's been intermittently releasing new instalments since acquiring the series rights in 2007), and ambitiously aims to combine the first game's celebrated turn-based tactical action with more modern third-person, open-world adventuring.

Once a hero has been selected at the start (three are promised, each with their own stories), there are quests to complete and NPCs to meet. Players' actions will shape their hero's alignment along the way, influencing how they're treated and how the story unfolds. Combat is more in keeping with the original, although its turn-based battling and strategic hex-based traversal are bolstered by new features including Line of Sight, unique units, mid-skirmish events, and diverse environments aiming to create more interesting tactical opportunities.

Cover image for YouTube videoKing's Bounty II – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PEGI
King's Bounty II - Release Date Reveal Trailer.

In a statement announcing King's Bounty 2's revised August launch date, 1C said it had made the decision to delay release in order to ensure "adequate time to deliver a King's Bounty best possible experience". While the game is "complete and playable", according to the studio, additional time is needed "to finish playtesting, fixing, polishing, [and] balancing".

"Seeing the love and passion you, as our fans, put behind this project, we are grateful for all your support and ask you for a little more patience with us", the developer concluded. Expect more King's Bounty 2 news as its 24th August release approaches.