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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror heading to PS2

With Logan's Shadow PSP dated.

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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed plans to publish Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow for PSP this October.

What's more, PS2 owners will finally be able to experience Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror - the PSP-exclusive game to which Logan's Shadow is a direct sequel - with an enhanced port due out in September.

Dark Mirror sees Gabe Logan stealthing and shooting his way across 30 missions as he tries to bring down a terrorist group called Red Section, which is holding the world to ransom with a fancy new weapon.

It won praise all over on the PSP - with our own Matt Martin claiming that the only thing holding it back was a sense of familiarity as he hugged its subterfuginal hideybits to his trembling 7/10. So he's probably chuffed by the promise of improved controls and graphicsability.

In Logan's Shadow, meanwhile, our black-ops hero is dispatched again after Somali pirates capture the USS Mt. St. Helens in the Indian Ocean. Not only does he have to secure the ship's Cargo Hold 5, but he's got to deal with the possibility that his long-term partner Lian Xing is a double agent. Ho noes!

Naturally he'll be trying to get to the bottom of that, and you'll be experiencing underwater combat (spear guns!), and new blind-fire and grapple features, along with ad-hoc multiplayer as you stealth them up.

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