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Swashbuckling adventure Bilkins' Folly coming to Switch, PlayStation and PC this year

Just look at this adorable dog!

Everyone loves a video game dog, but the very good boy in Bilkins' Folly might just be one of the cutest.

Revealed at last year's Wholesome Direct for PC, Tasmanian developer Webbysoft has today announced the game will also be released across PlayStation consoles and Nintendo Switch, with a release date of late 2023.

If you're into adventure games with puzzles, pirates, and pups, this could well be one to look out for.

Cover image for YouTube videoBilkins' Folly - Console Announcement Trailer
Bilkins' Folly - Console Announcement Trailer

Bilkins' Folly follows treasure hunter Percival "Percy" Bilkins and his doggo friend Drayton on a quest to find their missing family. Stranded on an island, they must procure a new ship, reunite with their crew, and solve the mystery.

The game will feature a customisable map where players can draw lines and place icons to mark treasure spots, as well as fishing, treasure-hunting competitions, and other charming minigames.

Drayton can also level up: as Percy's bond with his pup grows, he'll learn new tricks to help unearth puzzles, secrets and clues.

What's really caught my eye, though, are the wonderful pixel graphics and the expressive animations. They're all so bouncy: from the playful movement of Drayton and his floppy ears, to Percy's wibbly wobbly walk. Humour and style!