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Survival sim Dyscourse adds indie dev NPCs as free DLC

Stranded with Tim Schafer, Rami Ismail, Edmund McMillen and more.

Snuggle Truck developer Owlchemy Labs' quirky survival sim Dyscourse has added several indie game developers to its roster of NPCs as free DLC.

Plane Jam was a success until this happened.

This is in a separate scenario than the main campaign, though it should come as no surprise as the developer announced this side chapter back when the game was still crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

The premise behind Dyscourse is that you're stranded on a desert island and need to make tough choices with your cohorts in order to survive. The scenario is set before GDC and the attendees only have 12 hours to get off the island lest they miss their conference. It's a silly idea, though perhaps not that ridiculous given how often one runs into folks they know on a plane when heading to a games industry conference.

Players will assume the role of a fictitious up-and-coming developer named Emily Park. It's going to be her first GDC. She'll get the hang of it... if she can make it there alive.

The cast of actual developers Owlchemy Labs has put in the game includes:

  • Tim Schafer (Double Fine)
  • Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy)
  • Phil Tibitoski (Octodad)
  • Alexander Bruce (Antichamber)
  • Ron Carmel (World of Goo)
  • Robin Hunicke (Journey)
  • Ichiro Lambe (Aaaaa!)
  • Adam Saltsman (Canabalt)
  • Will Stallwood (Auditorium)
  • Rami Ismail (Ridiculous Fishing)

"Will Alexander Bruce disprove Euclidean math? Will Tim Schafer's experience as an eagle scout help or hinder the group? Will our beloved indies make it out alive or will these scrappy developers finally meet their demise? You decide how it plays out in this free bonus-story," the developer said of this add-on.

To celebrate its release, Dyscourse is on sale for 35 per cent off at £7.14 / $9.75.