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Surprise! There's a Ghostbusters video game from Activision

That doesn't feature any of the actual Ghostbusters.

There's a new Ghostbusters movie coming out, and, surprise! There's a new Ghostbusters video game coming out, too.

Hey, Diablol!

This one isn't like the last one. This one's a more arcadey affair. It's a top-down action game where you work together to capture ghosts. It's published by Activision, and is due out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 15th July - the same day as the movie comes out.

Activision said the game takes place after the events of the film, and revolves around a pair of rookies who keep watch over the home while the real Ghostbusters get to work. So, in the Ghostbusters video game, you don't play any of the Ghostbusters from the movies.

But, as a novice Ghostbuster you can upgrade the gear and abilities of your character by completing tasks, defeating creatures and discovering hidden collectibles throughout Manhattan. There are four rookies you can choose from, each with their own playstyle.

Meanwhile, Activision announced a Ghostbusters mobile game called Slime City. This has synchronous co-op, and is due out in July on the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore for Kindle devices.

Activision doesn't mention the developer of either game.

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