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Surprise! Sony's web-based digital store now online

Download PS3 and Vita games, movies and TV content.

UPDATE 2: Further investigation of the Sony Entertainment Network Store reveals that purchases are not set downloading automatically despite items being added to your download queue.

To download on your PS3 you must first sign into your SEN account, then select the Account Management option. Go to Transaction Management, then Download List, then select the content you want to download.

The SEN Store accepts credit cards, pre-paid cards and PayPal.

"Regarding that - we are testing a new web store," PlayStation blog manager Fred Dutton wrote. "We look forward to announcing and launching to the PlayStation/Sony community shortly."

UPDATE: A Eurogamer reader has detailed the process users go through when purchasing content. Once bought, the content is added to the users' download queue on their relevant device.

"After purchasing you get a link for each item stating "How to Download to your PS3". Clicking it goes to a help page stating - 'After purchase, your content is added to your Download List on your Sony Entertainment Network activated device. Your download list is arranged in date order, with the newest first, so recent purchases will be at the top of the list.'"

Thanks to Wizlon for the information.

ORIGINAL STORY: Sony's web-based version of the PlayStation Store - which also sells TV and movie content - has appeared online.

The Sony Entertainment Network Store has yet to be announced by Sony itself, but here it is. You can log in, view your wallet and make purchases.

It's an obvious rival to Microsoft's Nintendo has said it wants to get its 3DS and Wii U eShop channels available for online access at some point, too.

So, what can you get? Well, all the prices seem to be the same as their console PlayStation Store equivalents. Right now on the site's homepage the company is advertising the Mass Effect Trilogy (£57.99) and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2013: Holiday Edition (£59.99).

On the upside you can nab Tokyo Jungle today for £4.67, part of Sony's 12 Days of Christmas deal.

There's no sign of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (we checked).

Sony declined to comment on the website launch when contacted by Eurogamer.

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