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Surprise! Prison Architect dev's unsettling new game Scanner Sombre out in two days

Cave in.

Surprise! Introversion's colourful and mysterious new PC game Scanner Sombre will be released this week! In two days! On Wednesday 26th April at 3pm BST!

Scanner Sombre is a short and unsettling exploration game about revealing a hidden landscape, a cave system, around you.

You use an in-game - not real-life - virtual reality headset in conjunction with a scanner to change the impenetrably dark environment into a dotted, colourful world, and uncover the tunnels and bridges that will get you through it.

But soon you'll realise you may not be alone.

Cover image for YouTube videoScanner Sombre Launch Trailer

Martin wrote about Scanner Sombre having played it at EGX Rezzed a couple of weekends ago. We'll be reviewing the game for Wednesday, too.

Scanner Sombre is a marked departure for Introversion from Prison Architect, and is designed to be gobbled up in a single play session. It's £8.99 but slightly reduced on GOG and Steam and the Humble Store for launch.