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Supercomputing in consumer form: Nvidia's new GTX Titan graphics card

You can put three in one PC!

Nvidia's new graphics card GeForce GTX Titan costs more - £827 - than PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox put together (probably - hopefully). But that's not really the point when considering the most powerful gaming set-up that money can buy. And Titan is more powerful than what's inside those machines, make no mistake.

Titan is Nvidia's Tesla supercomputer technology in consumer form. Digital Foundry told me Titan does on one chip what the GTX 690 does with two. The upside of that is you can put three Titans in one machine!

Titan's full specifications are laid bare on Nvidia's website. Titan powers games - on maximum settings and at resolutions of 2560x1600 - such as Skyrim at over 100FPS, Borderlands 2 at 60FPS and just-released Crysis 3 at nearly 40FPS.

Cased in cast aluminium and liquid magnesium alloy, Titan's a sexy beast too.

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