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3DS Super Pokemon Rumble release date

Weedles its way in for Christmas.

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Super Pokemon Rumble will arrive in European shops on 2nd December.

Rumble is Nintendo's first 3DS Pokemon game, not counting the system's Pokedex app.

Unlike other Pokemon titles, Rumble's monster battling takes place in real-time, with players facing swarms of critters at once.

Sound familiar? Super Pokemon Rumble is a sequel to 2009's WiiWare title Pokemon Rumble. It adds the latest generation of from Pokemon Black and White, making for over 600 monsters to wirelessly collect and trade.

Like the 3DS Pokedex, Rumble features SpotPass support - it's used for meeting and battling fellow Pokemon players. Local wireless matchups are also included.

Super Pokémon Rumble.

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