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Super Nintendo World opening postponed again

As Osaka placed into state of emergency.

The public opening of Super Nintendo World has been pushed back once again at Universal Studios Japan.

The attraction was due to finally open on 4th February, after a long delay from last summer. Originally, it had been planned to launch in time for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Things looked promising for a while: Japanese press were given a tour back in November, and the park's website launched, providing new details only last week.

But as Covid cases continue to rise again in Japan, the Osaka region where the park lies has now been placed into a state of emergency.

"As a result of careful consideration of the current situation from various aspects when issuing the 'State of Emergency' to Osaka Prefecture on 13th January, the new area 'Super Nintendo World' scheduled for 4th February ... will be postponed after the state of emergency is lifted, a note posted to the park's website now states.

"We sincerely apologise to all the guests and stakeholders who are looking forward to the opening. The opening date will be decided and announced after the 'state of emergency' is lifted."

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