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Super Monkey Ball 'Switch Inferno' solution for Banana Mania and Super Monkey Ball 2 explained

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Super Monkey Ball's Switch Inferno is a stage unlike many others in Banana Mania or the original Super Monkey Ball 2.

Though the concept of switches to move or activate objects in a level is nothing new, this stage greets you with a huge number of them - with the wrong choice quickly spelling your doom.

You can complete the level through trial and error, but you might - sensibly - just want to skip ahead to the solution, especially as it's a rare case of a level which relies on luck than skill.

Cover image for YouTube videoSuper Monkey Ball: Banana Mania - Switch Inferno solution
Watch the solution to Switch Inferno for Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania.

Looking for more help? Our page on Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania characters can give you something to work towards.

World 6-9 Switch Inferno solution in Super Monkey Ball explained

Switch Inferno has a simple concept - you are presented with a number of switches, and you must push the correct switch to raise the level goal out of the ground. Get it wrong, and you will be flung out of the arena.

To find the correct switch, you must find the switch one row to the left and four away from the goal:

This will raise the goal, but only for a few seconds. Quickly make your way there - avoiding the other switches as best you can - to complete the level.

You can see this in action with the video embedded near the top of this article.

You may notice there are in fact other switches which can raise the goal. The problem with these is you are too far away to make it to the goal in time - meaning this is the only viable switch in the set.

With Switch Inferno complete, you are then one stage away from completing World 6 in Story mode. Good luck!

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