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Super Mario Run is now live on the App Store

Hop to it!

Super Mario Run, Mario's first foray onto mobile, is now live on the App Store.

An Android version is expected to follow shortly in 2017.

This £7.99 platformer sees Nintendo's portly plumber autorunning left to right while collecting coins, performing wall-jumps, consuming mushrooms and the like across 24 single-player stages.

There's also a score-attack Toad Rally mode, where players compete against their friends' "ghosts" to get to the end of a stage quickest and with the most dazzling performance.

Super Mario Run's first four stages are free and once you pay the £7.99 premium there are no in-app purchases.

That being said, there are some MyNintendo rewards fans can acquire to unlock content in the game.

Our Tom Phillips recently previewed Super Mario Run, which he found to be a promising adventure. "Nintendo can only push the big red 'Mario on iPhone' button once, but with Super Mario Run it feels like the company is launching their superstar onto mobile phones with as complete a package as possible," he wrote. "It takes some getting used to, regardless of whether you're expecting an endless runner or a full-blown New Super Mario Bros., but perhaps this middle-ground option features much to enjoy from both worlds."

Our full review of Super Mario Run is live now, as well as tips on how to unlock characters in Super Mario Run beyond Mario himself.

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Super Mario Run

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