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Super Mario Manga Mania is now available in English

Super Manga.

Super Mario Manga Mania is now available in English for the very first time.

Mario fans will likely know that a Japanese-language manga has been around of years, but this is the first time a volume has been translated for Western audiences.

The book takes the best stories from across the full Japanese collection, compiling them into a single volume.

The back cover of Super Mario Manga Mania (credit: Viz Media)

Containing 160 pages written and drawn by Yukio Sawada, publisher Viz Media describes the book as containing stories that range "from crazy to classic" and tell the tale of Mario and his friends as they travel through "the many worlds of one of the biggest video game series ever!" (thanks, Gamespot, via Comic Book).

The book is available now in the US, but fans in the UK have a little longer to wait - Amazon UK currently points to a 7th January 2021 release date.

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