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Super Mario Bros. Movie launches Easter egg-filled plumbing advert

Plunge in.

As the hype campaign for the Super Mario Bros. Movie ramps up, there's now an advert for the brothers' fictitious plumbing company to watch, and a tie-in website to explore.

The in-universe advert for Mario and Luigi's plumbing buisiness popped up last night during the Super Bowl, and sees the brothers saving the day from a leaky sink.

An associated website for the business has also gone live at SMBPlumbing.com, and also includes a US phone number you can ring to hear a pre-recorded voice message from Luigi himself (Charlie Day).

Cover image for YouTube videoSuper Mario Bros. Plumbing Commercial
The Super Mario Bros. Movie Super Bowl commercial.

Dial 929-55-MARIO and you'll hear a message saying: "Thank you for calling Super Mario Bros. Plumbing, it's-a me Luigi!" The note goes on to state that the brothers are happy to consider all jobs no matter the size - even in a mansion. Ha!

The advert in general is full of Easter eggs for long-term Nintendo fans, not least its use of The Mario Rap from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

Speaking of, numerous fans have suggested the voice of the homeowner here is Jeannie Elias, the original voice of Peach, AKA Princess Toadstool, from the Super Mario Bros Super Show.

A map shown in the advert also includes references to various Nintendo properties, such as Link Street, Hanfuda Ave, Punch Out and 189th Street (1889 being the year Nintendo was originally established).

The Super Mario Bros. Movie. is set for UK cinemas on 7th April, with Chris Pratt and Mario and Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach.