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Super Mario 3D World comes to Wii U this December

New feline power-up, four player co-op.

Nintendo's just unveiled a new Mario game for the Wii U. It's called Super Mario 3D World, and it will be available this December.

A sequel to the 3DS classic Super Mario 3D Land, the plumber's latest adventure promises four player co-op across a typically chirpy range of high-colour 3D worlds. As with Super Mario 2, players can pick between Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad. Each character will have their own quirks. Toad's faster, for example. Hopefully Peach doesn't still have that long jump, though. Totes OP.

The levels shown in a brief presentation looked great: rolling hills, snowscapes, and lots of glass pipes to travel through. You'll be able to play co-operatively or competitively as you wish, and there's a new power-up in the form of a cat suit (but not a catsuit) that allows Mario to climb walls and scratch enemies.

Is this the 3D Mario we've been waiting for, or is there a more traditional follow-up to the Galaxy games on the way as well? Stay tuned.

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