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Super House of Dead Ninjas remake is available now on Steam

Think a randomised version of Super Meat Boy starring Ryu Hyabusa.

Adult Swim and Megadev's Super House of Dead Ninjas is a remake of last year's browser game of the same name, which was itself a remake of the less super House of Dead Ninjas.

This latest iteration of the franchise has recently been released on Steam as the first commercial House of Dead Ninjas game. It boasts 180 randomly generated levels - 50 of which are new to this edition - that your swift, stabby ninja must descend. This remake also includes eight bosses, 49 enemies, and the ability to create your own maps.

The Steam version of Super House of Dead Ninjas is priced at £4.99 / $6.99, but on sale for 30 per cent off at £3.49 / $4.89 until 25th February. Play the flash version at Adult Swim to get a taste of its bloodlust.

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