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Super Hexagon dev's daft deck-builder Dicey Dungeons gets August release on PC

VVVVVV excited.

Deck-building rogue-like RPG Dicey Dungeons, the latest game from VVVVVV and Super Hexagon developer Terry Cavanagh, will be making its way to Steam on 13th August.

Dicey Dungeons, which has been doing the alpha dance on itch.io since last summer, sets players - as one of six giant, walking dice - the challenge of conquering an ever-changing, procedurally generated dungeon, fighting foes, finding loot and, ultimately, slaying Lady Luck.

Each of the six available classes - warrior, thief, robot, jester, inventor, and witch - features its own very different abilities, but fights (against the likes of vampiric vacuums and suave snowmen) are generally built around dice slinging and deck building, with roll results being placed into slots that trigger distinctive offensive and defensive abilities.

Cover image for YouTube videoDicey Dungeons - PAX South Trailer

Dicey Dungeon's Steam page highlights a few of the varied approaches different classes take in their quest to defeat Lady Luck, with the thief able to steal random enemy equipment every turn, the robot gaining dice via a push-your-luck blackjack game, and the inventor destroying their own equipment after each successful battle to get parts for powerful new gadgets.

It's certainly a fascinating proposition, and it looks and sounds great too, courtesy of art by Marlowe Dobbe and music by Chipzel. We'll know whether Cavanagh has conjured up another winner when Dicey Dungeons rolls onto Steam on 13th August.