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Super Contra XBLA tomorrow

Rizer and Bean are back.

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Super Contra will be the second game available to download from Live Arcade tomorrow.

This side-scrolling shooter sequel from Konami first appeared across arcades in 1988 - the year Wimbledon beat Liverpool 1-0 in the FA Cup and Bros topped the charts with a reissue of "I Owe You Nothing". They also started a trend of attaching Grolsch bottle-tops to their shoes, you know.

Action takes place in 2634, a time where aliens control a base in an undisclosed area of South America. And it's once more down to you as Bill Rizer or Lance Bean to pick up your guns and splatter their gooey heads all over the shop.

It can be played co-operatively over Live or locally on one machine, and you'll be able to choose between the original graphics or new mega-enhanced super visuals.

Super Contra will cost 400 points and has the usual 12 Achievements and 200 Gamerpoints on offer.

The original Contra is already available on Live Arcade, pop over to our review to see what we thought.

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