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Sudden Strike 3 in December

Will duck this time.

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Developer Fireglow Games has said that Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory will be released in the UK and Ireland on 5th December.

Meanwhile those of you in France can be playing it as early as 23rd November, followed by those of you in German-speaking territories on 30th November.

Sudden Strike 3 is the latest instalment in the WWII-inspired real-time strategy series, one famed for historical accuracy in its portrayal of units, events and landscapes. For instance, those horses the Polish used to battle the German tanks should be as useless as they sound.

The biggest update this time is a revamped engine to bring your co-ordinated land, sea and air attacks to life with fancy lighting and booming bomb sounds. You should also find that you can realistically blow all sorts of things up, and litter your kilometre-long front lines with the sort of debris you would expect.

You will be given the choice of playing as either the British, Soviet, American, German and Japanese forces, each with hundreds of authentic tanks, ships, planes, artillery and soldiers to fiddle around with.

Get bored of conquering Europe like that, though, and you can head online to take on up to seven of your friends in huge multiplayer battles.

Pop over to our Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory gamepage to see how it is shaping up.

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