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Subsurface Circular walkthrough: Spoiler-free guide to completing every chapter on Switch, PC and iOS

How to solve every puzzle in the train-based adventure Subsurface Circular.

Subsurface Circular is from the team behind Volume and Thomas Was Alone, and is an adventure game with a twist, seeing you play a detective investigating a series of disappearances by interviewing passengers of a train.

Oh, and you and the other passengers are also robots.

Primarily played through dialogue choices, there are a few puzzles along the way which can see you get stuck. This is where this Subsurface Circular walkthrough comes in.

Subsurface Circular walkthrough

We've written this guide in the way to make it a spoiler-free guide, though in a bid to make certain puzzle solutions as clear as possible, we've had to include some full dialogue choices (and screenshots), so be wary of reading ahead of if you can avoid it.

And then what follows is a final chapter (7), which doesn't need a walkthrough or guide to complete.

Subsurface Circular guide: How the game works

Subsurface Circular plays out by talking to passengers on a train sitting next or opposite you. Each discussion offers choices, and though you can choose how you wish to respond, there are no points of no return or 'bad' ways to play - choose whatever suits the situation.

As well as direct responses, you can also offer up lines of questioning named 'focus points'. These are tabs in orange at the bottom of the screen, and can be selected at certain breaks in the conversation.

The flow of the game sees you talk to passengers and see who they are and what they are doing, then asking focus points to see if they can assist with your enquiries. These conversations can unlock further focus points.

If you are stuck, try exhausting all your dialogue options, then talking to others on the train next to you.

Certain puzzles will require you pay attention to what passengers are saying, responding in specific ways. If you are stuck, the links listed above has links to each chapter to help you through the flow.

Once you are done with the game, two additional features will unlock - an Image Gallery and Developer Commentary - if you fancy giving the game a replay with some insight from the people who made it.