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Student arrested over CS map

School replica level to blame.

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An American student who made a Counter Strike map of Clements High School has been arrested and sent to an "Alternative Education Center".

Local authorities acted immediately after they received a phone call from a concerned parent whose child had been playing a game that "involved killing" and took place in a virtual representation of the school.

The police searched the culprit's house and found a hammer in the creator's bedroom that they confiscated as a potential weapon, before arresting the lad on suspicion of terrorism. He wasn't charged with any crime and was soon released from custody.

Mother of the boy, Jean Lin, has rallied the Chinese community in an effort to appeal against disciplinary measures Clements High School took against the unidentified boy. Focus is on a 12th May school board election as the case turns progressively more political.

The incident happened just days after the shooting in Virginia, where a Korean student shot and killed 32 of his peers.

Head over to Fort Bend Now to keep up to date with the case. And don't tell anyone that Tom made Doom levels of his school when he was 12 - he's bricking it.

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