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Streets of Rage heading to VC

Along with some others in Q1.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SEGA has renewed its Virtual Console vows in a lavish press release, tossing glittering flowers of hope into a crowd of gullible nostalgics as it streaks away in a car made of money. Yes, there'll be some more SEGA games up in the next three months.

Chief among them is Street of Rage, elected chief in a lavish press release, tossing [shut up - Ed]. It's joined by Bio-Hazard Battle, Comix Zone, Gain Ground and Bonanza Bros., only most of which can be had for less as part of some reasonably priced PS2, Xbox or PSP Mega Drive compilation.

Mega Drive games - or Genesis, if you're American - start at 800 Wii points on the Wii Shop's Virtual Console, and of course Wii points can be bought through the store itself or from some of those shops out in the daylight. You know how much they are by now, and if not you can look it up, can't you?

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