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Still no Euro date for X360 Elite

Microsoft "waiting for the announcement".

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Microsoft was unable to tell Eurogamer this morning when gamers could expect the Xbox 360 Elite in Europe, as it is still waiting for confirmation from the US.

"At the moment we haven't announced [the date]," Microsoft UK spokesperson Kate Szlendak told us. "The only information we have now is correct with the US market, so we're waiting on the announcement for the UK and other territories."

The revamped Xbox 360 was revealed this morning to be a black unit with an HDMI port and 120GB hard drive. Black peripherals will be included, as will HDMI and component/SD cables.

It will retail for US$ 479.99 (GBP 245 / EUR 360), and is due for release in the US on 29th April.

The closest estimation for a European launch date comes from Albert Penello, director of global platform marketing, who was talking to Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb in a weekly online podcast.

Penello reckons we'll see the Elite outside of America in late summer, and describes the unit as the "worst kept secret in the industry".

"Coming soon to a European Union near you," said Penello. "It'll probably be shipping in the rest of the world sometime later in the summer; we haven't really announced a date yet."

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