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Still got your old 1MB Amiga? A new game has come out

A maze thing.

Maybe it was such a strong part of your childhood you simply couldn't let it go, or maybe you simply forgot you had it tucked away somewhere - whatever the reason you kept your 1MB Amiga machine, go dig it out again, because a new game has been released for it!

The new game is Worthy (a canny title), a good-looking, top-down maze game full of vibrant colours and fiendish puzzles, by the looks of things. There are 50 levels, multiple endings and even "catchy tunes".

Worthy is made by Pixelglass and runs on all 1MB PAL Amiga machines (including A500, A600, A1200, CD32 and so on).

Watch on YouTube

You can buy Worthy in a few ways, including digitally for emulators, as well as on CD and floppy disk for the full, authentic experience. Prices range from €9-€23, plus €6 for shipping.

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