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Star Trek : Hidden Evil

EuroGamer baldly goes, previewing Activision's new "Star Trek : The Next Generation" adventure game...

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"Sensors have detected a brand new Star Trek adventure game off the port bow."

"On screen..."

... at a PC near you. Following the huge success of the latest film, "Star Trek : Insurrection", comes the latest adventure game set in the Star Trek universe - "Star Trek : Hidden Evil".

"Is that a warp phase tranducer coil in your hand, or are you just happy to see me?"

Audio Visual

Set one year after the film, the action returns to the Briar patch and the Bak'u planet. It turns out that there was once an ancient species living on the planet, and the Bak'u have asked Captain Picard to investigate. You play young Ensign Sovak, and assist the Captain in his investigation.

Cue loads of action and treachery as you fight dissident Son'a, uncover a Romulan plot to harness the youth-giving power of the planet, and have a good explore along the way.

Developers Presto Studios (of "The Journeyman Project" fame) have spared no detail in developing this title - the graphics are, as I'm sure you have already noticed, gorgeous, and the game features dialogue from actors Patrick Stewart (Picard) and Brent Spiner (Data).

The ever important audio experience is satisfyingly authentic - everything from the phasers and tricorders to the control panels and doors sound exactly like they do in the TV series and movies.

Even the menu system and inventory chirp and bleep in the right way, and the ambient music is suitably moody, adding to the atmosphere.

Phasers to stun

Set Phasers To Stun

Before you all get to excited, this is an adventure game - those of you wanting to beat the crap out of Borg first-person style will have to wait for "Star Trek Voyager : Elite Force".

Hidden Evil is the classic Star Trek "game of the film", but with the apparent slickness of Grim Fandango, rather than the previous (rather abysmal) attempts at Star Trek adventures.

So be prepared to chat to Bak'u villagers, engage in the occasional phaser fight, and walk around with your tricorder and collect all sorts of bits and pieces, because you KNOW you're going to need them for something. Star Trek: Hidden Evil will be available in the shops on Friday 26th November, published by Activision

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