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SteelSeries reveals new mice

Ikari peripheral excitement.

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Gamer-focused hardware maker SteelSeries has unveiled its first line of performance mice, the Ikari Optical and Ikari Laser.

It's taken SteelSeries 15 months of research to make the pair, collaborating with numerous professional and competitive gamers along the way.

The outcome is technology designed to emphasise a "no nonsense, no crap" approach, so you'll get the promised fantastic performance with plug and play compatibility - no need to faff around with drivers.

The Laser model has been designed with MMO and RTS gamers in mind, and boasts programmable buttons for use with macros, so you can up your actions per minute and spend more time typing "pwned". Or you could macro it. It's got five buttons, you know.

Ikari Optical, on the other hand, is for those of you with an itchy trigger finger. It's got massive glide pads on the underside of the mouse and five buttons just like the Laser, but rather than have an adjustable DPI, it has two preset options you can switch between on the fly.

Both flaunt an anti-sweat, non-slip coating, and support the three common grips: Swipe, Claw, and Palm. Something about operating at 500mhz, too.

The Ikari Optical and Ikari Laser mice will be out towards the end of the year, no price has been mentioned.

Head over to SteelSeries website to see the mice in their first photo shoot, along with all the other gamer specific hardware to lighten your wallet.

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