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Steam's Lunar New Year Sale is now live

£5 off your first £30 spend too.

It barely seems like yesterday that Steam wrapped up its Christmas sale, shoving everything away into boxes for another 12 months. Already though, just in time for the Chinese New Year, Valve is at it again, honking its sales hooter and raining down PC game discounts galore.

While the MANY SAVINGS are undoubtedly the focus of Steam's Lunar New Year Sale, Valve is throwing in a few twists for its first big discount bonanza of 2019. For instance, all purchases net special tokens which can be redeemed to acquire an assortment of limited-time Year of the Pig inspired cosmetics, including badges, profile backgrounds, emoticons, and more. £1 equates to 127 tokens, and, for context, a single emoticon costs 100 tokens. You may also receive a bundle of tokens upfront, based on previous purchases.

Just some pigs, having a cool day.

Additionally, and probably of more interest to those with a fondness for SAVINGS, there's a one-time discount of £5 off your first order over £30. "We want to celebrate the new year by giving back", explains Valve. Perhaps we shall see more of these kinds of consumer incentives as competition between Steam and the Epic Games Store intensifies.

Incidentally, Steam's Lunar New Year Sale ends on February 12th, at 6pm in the UK/10am PT, so you'll want to spend any tokens - and, inevitably, pile on the impulse purchases as if in a financially irresponsible fever dream - before then.

And in other Steam-related news, Valve has announced that it will be unveiling the winners of its 2018 Steam Awards on February 8th at 6pm UK time/10am PT. Punters, you may recall, were able to cast their votes across a number of different categories at the tail-end of last year. In a first for Valve, however, the voting results will be shared in a special live broadcast show on Steam.TV, which will also include celebratory messages from award winners.