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Steam's Game Festival: Autumn Edition is now on, featuring "hundreds" of playable demos

But you've only got a week to get through them.

The increasingly regular occurrence that is Valve's Steam Game Festival has returned today, 7th October, for its autumn edition, bringing with it "hundreds" of playable, limited-time demos.

This autumnal reemergence for the event runs from today until next Tuesday, 13th October, and marks the fourth Steam Game Festival in less than a year. Additionally, as was the case with Valve's summer showing, it's another rather unwieldy affair.

While last year's inaugural Steam Game Festival featured just 13 playable demos, Valve has been steadily ratcheting up the numbers with each new outing, and this latest event promises "hundreds" of new demos - a fantastic proposition in terms of choice, but a pretty intimidating number too, given that most will only be sticking around for the festival's duration.

Alongside the various demos, Valve is also promoting a schedule of developer interviews and live-streams, offering a deeper delve into a wide selection of upcoming games. Additional details can be found on the Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition's launch page.

Because I'm a sim nerd, I'll be making a beeline for Tlön Industries' Per Aspera demo, but Kitfox Games' non-linear "tech exorcist" investigatory mystery Lucifer Within Us also managed to catch my eye during a preliminary browse. Of course, if you happen to stumble across anything that leaves you sufficiently enthused, do feel free to share your recommendations below!