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Steam video, filmmaker tools "soon"

Plus: Valve eyeing iOS, Android devices.

Steal will add the ability to record video "very soon", according to one lucky fan who completed his dream trip to Valve recently.

He, Political Gamer, also revealed (on the Steam forums) that Valve was eyeing-up iOS and Android devices for a version of Steam.

What's more, the Source FilmMaker tools Valve uses to make its entertaining "Meet the..." Team Fortress 2 videos - as well as all other game cinematics - will be turned loose on the public "soon".

Political Gamer noted the enviable default PC system specs of Valve staff, too: "i7, 6GB DDR3 Ram, 128GB SSD, NVIDIA 580".

Pictures of Political Gamer's trip to Valve and a longer account of proceedings can be read on the Steam forums.

Coinciding with his findings is a Steam announcement that Skype audio codec SILK is now in use. " The SILK codec provides a significant quality improvement over Steam's previous voice technology, at the cost of some increase in bandwidth usage," the Steam news bulletin read.