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Steam logs 13 millionth user

New features due this year.

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Valve Software's digital distribution service Steam has surpassed 13 million active users, reports.

With over 150 games available over the service, the PC specialist is expecting to announce that more major publishers are due to make use of the service this summer.

Steam has also served over 2,500 updates for PC games and applications since launch.

"We've approached the development of Steam the same way we treat our online games; we release something we've tested, we internalise feedback, and then we release new features and functionality based upon the feedback received," commented Gabe Newell, president of Valve.

"In Steam's case, we have millions of customers who are gamers and dozens of customers who are developers and publishers.

"In the past, we've added over 100 new titles from third parties, grown to over 13 million active accounts, and introduced new features such as Guest Passes and Free Weekends. This growth has taught us a lot and inspired many additional features and services that we'll be releasing later this year," revealed Newell.

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