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Steam Greenlight now accepts software and concepts

Dynamic Auto Painter x64! Dynamic Photo HDR!

Steam Greenlight has been updated to now accept software and concepts - apps and game ideas, in other words.

Software follows "exactly" the same rules as games do on Greenlight. That is, there's a submission fee ($100) and the community votes whether they want to see the app/software released on Steam.

She's clad in 'unbelievably soft' wear.

There isn't much to look at. Software so far includes Bandicam: Game Recorder, adventure-game engine Dagon, Dynamic Photo HDR, Dynamic Auto Painter x64, game maker Construct 2, figure drawing course The Structure of Man HD and budgeting software You Need a Budget.

Concepts follow slightly different rules. Concepts are free to post but will never be distributed on Steam - at least not in their concept form. The idea is to get community feedback.

Examples of concepts are Portal expansion Afterword, Elevator Engineer, Savegame Explorer, first/third-person logic shooter B.R.I.S.k, Vertex Wars and more.

Steam Greenlight has been generally updated to show Friends' favourites and recent news on the home page, plus some other minor bits and bobs.

To date, 30 games have been "Greenlit" by Steam Greenlight. Among them are Half-Life mod Black Mesa and Project Zomboid. Only one Greenlit game has been released: McPixel.

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