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Steam Deck gets first-ever discount to celebrate a year of release

And official startup movies now here.

Valve has announced the first-ever official discount for its fabulous handheld gaming PC, Steam Deck, alongside the launch of Steam Deck startup movies on the Steam Points Shop.

Starting with that discount, Valve is slashing the price of Steam Deck - that is, of all three models across all shipping regions - by 10%. That means UK resident can currently pick up the 64GB model for £314.10, the 256GB model for £413.10, and the 512GB model for £512.10.

Valve says the discount will remain available until the end of Steam's Spring Sale, which starts today and runs until 5pm GMT/10am PT on 23rd March.

Happy Birthday Steam Deck!Watch on YouTube

And finally for its handheld news, Valve (as previously deduced) has announced the launch of Steam Deck startup movies on the Steam Points Shop. These give Steam Deck owners an official means of customising the handheld's animated startup logo - something fans have been doing for quite some time now. They'll also work with Big Picture mode on desktop.

Valve has created 20 of its own startup movies for the feature's launch, which, once acquired, can be activated via the Steam Deck's 'Settings > Customization' menu. All custom startup movies located in the device's 'steamui/overrides/movies/' folder will show up here, and the selected movie can be randomised using Steam's shuffle toggle.