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Steam announces dates for this year's sale events

Valve for money.

Image credit: Valve

I think it's fair to say we're all a little bit strapped for cash right now.

Helpfully, you can now take your financial planning for this year one step further thanks to Steam, which has published the dates for all the Steam sales confirmed across 2023.

Steam sale dates are usually announced closer to when the sale begins, so this is a welcome update. The list includes dates for the four major seasonal sales, as well as Fest events dedicated to specific genres.

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Here's when the four seasonal events are scheduled for:

  • Spring: 16th - 23rd March
  • Summer: 29th June - 13th July
  • Autumn: 21st - 28th November
  • Winter: 21st December - 4th January 2024

There's also Fest events planned for subgenres including puzzle, strategy, and shoot-em-up throughout the year. I'm already eyeing up that visual novel sale in August...

Next Fest, the event now synonymous with hundreds of demos and which gets us nostalgic, is set to return later this year too, with its next outing pencilled in for 19th to 26th June.