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Stealth Inc Ultimate Edition confirmed for PS4

Curve to announce four PlayStation games in four weeks.

Curve Studios has announced a PlayStation 4 port of 2D stealth platformer Stealth Inc, dubbed the Ultimate Edition.

Due out early March, the Ultimate Edition includes Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark and the two DLC expansions The Teleporter Chambers and The Lost Clones.

In a blog post Curve said it had no plans to release the Ultimate Edition on other platforms. It will not be a cross-buy title, either, but "we are looking into ways we can offer a very significant discount to people who already own Stealth Inc".

Ultimate Edition is one of four PlayStation games Curve will announce over the next four weeks, it said. Next week it will announce an indie game it's working on "that's not only a first for PlayStation but also a first for the PC".

It also promised to continue to support the Vita throughout 2014, and it has some PlayStation 3 games planned, too. "We currently have no further plans to port any of our other 2013 games to PlayStation 4, but that could change!" Curve said.

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