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StarFox vet aims for PS3 EDI

Q-Games doing casual downloads.

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You may not have heard of Q-Games, but you've probably seen something they've done. The Japanese company is staffed by veterans of StarFox and Ape Escape, put together the recent StarFox Command DS game and also worked on the PlayStation 3 operating system. And now they're doing some games for the PS3 Store.

Due out in Japan under the label "Pixel Junk", the games - detailed in the most recent issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu, partly translated by IGN - will be casual in nature, and may appear outside Japan if Q-Games' Dylan Cuthbert is to be believed. He told GameSpot that discussions about releasing them elsewhere are ongoing.

What he didn't do, by the sound of it, was offer much more info on their nature. Although if you fancy digging around on the developer's website, be our guest. Just don't confuse them with Q Entertainment, because that probably winds them up.

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