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StarCry is an eight-hour Crysis mod that references several sci-fi universes

But mostly Stargate.

A pair of dedicated modders have created a full-length campaign from the original Crysis that references numerous sci-fi series.

The most obvious - given its ancient Egyptian setting - is Stargate, despite the fact that the developers said "It is not based on the Stargate franchise," on the StarCry Modd DB page.

The modders explained that "the main character is a SG fan," and "some models have a similar design."

"Maybe it is a prequel to Crysis one, a dream, or you are connected to the alien's matrix? You will see!"

But hey, no one wants to get sued here (even if it's not a commercial venture), and there are other sci-fi references as well. A lightsaber shows up at one point, making everyone wonder whatever happened to the Jedi Knight series.

The developers claimed that, "The mod contains many references to famous science-fiction universes (movies, TV shows, video games -famous or canceled-...) alongside original creations, while still having a coherent storyline."

The campaign is expected to last "around eight hours of gameplay for a first playthrough" and "the difficulty is hard." It's also failry linear. "If you're going away from the action, you will be killed by snipers, eaten by crocodiles, frozen, [or] dehydrated" the developer noted.

Feel free to grab StarCry here and check out the trailer of the galaxy-hopping human centaur-riding mod below.

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