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Star Trek: Resurgence has been delayed until April next year

To give it a "final coat of polish".

Star Trek: Resurgence, the new narrative adventure from developer Dramatic Labs, will no longer release this year as originally planned and is now expected to arrive on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation in April 2023.

Resurgence, which was announced at last year's Game Awards, takes place after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation, telling its story from the alternating perspectives of two different characters - First Officer Jara Rydek and Engineering Crewperson Carter Diaz - with gameplay said to consist of playable cinematic sequences.

Everything shown so far points to an experience very much in the same vein as the interactive narrative adventures pioneered by Telltale Games - which isn't particularly surprising given that Dramatic Labs was founded by controversial former Telltale Games boss Kevin Bruner, and includes around 20 former Telltale employees.

Cover image for YouTube videoStar Trek: Resurgence - Reveal!
Star Trek: Resurgence - Reveal Trailer.

Dramatic Labs broke the new of Resurgence's delay in a statement shared on Twitter, saying that while "production has been advancing steadily all summer... we have made the difficult decision to move our release date out of 2022". The delay, it said, would enable the studio to "give the game a final coat of polish, and create a truly immersive Star Trek experience".

"Our love and admiration for Star Trek is instrumental to this decision," it continued. "We're proud of what we've accomplished so far, and this continues to be a passion project for everyone here. We are incredibly grateful - and excited - to be able to work within a universe that means so much to so many."

"We can't wait for you to see it all and look forward to taking you on an adventure unlike any Star Trek game that's come before," Dramatic Labs concluded, before sharing a some new screenshots from the game. Expect plenty more teases ahead of Star Trek: Resurgence's PC, PlayStation, and Xbox launch in April next year.