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Star Ocean: Second Evolution dated

PSP remake bound for February.

Square Enix plans to release PSP role-playing game Star Ocean: Second Evolution here on 13th February.

A remake of Star Ocean: The Second Story on PSone, it returns to life with plenty of extra polish. There's an improved real-time battle system, plus brand new fully-voiced and animated cut-scenes.

Second Evolution follows in the footsteps of Star Ocean: The First Departure, a PSP remake of the very first game in the series. This launched last October and Metacritic averages critical opinion at 74 per cent.

Series developer Tri-Ace will hope to impress those people further with the brand new Xbox 360 instalment Star Ocean: The Last Hope, which launches in Japan on 19th February and in the US on 3rd March. There's still nothing more than "2009" for Europe, according to the publisher, but it shouldn't be too far behind.