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Stadia timed exclusive Super Bomberman R Online heading to PC and consoles "soon"

And it'll be free to play.

Super Bomberman R Online - a 64-player battle royale spin on the classic series - will soon be waving goodbye to Stadia exclusivity and launching on PC and consoles as a free-to-play game.

Super Bomberman R Online is, as its name somewhat implies, a pared back version of Konami's 2017 effort Super Bomberman R. This updated version, which initially launched as a timed Stadia exclusive last August, jettisons the original's story campaign and various multiplayer bits in favour of a single, online-only 64-player battle mode, imaginatively titled Battle 64.

Each Battle 64 match begins by dropping participants (who can select from various characters and customisation options beforehand) into one of 16 battle arenas.

Super Bomberman R Online trailer.Watch on YouTube

As the game progresses and combatants are eliminated in the series' usual chaotic manner, these arenas shut down one by one - Super Bomberman R Online's take on the battle royale genre's ever-decreasing play area mechanics - forcing a mad dash into an adjacent zone. And on it goes until only one player remains alive.

Super Bomberman R Online will be free to play on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC (cross-platform play is supported), and includes the eight classic Bomber Brothers as playable characters, alongside a range of costumes, accessories, and bomb skins.

Additionally, Konami is releasing a £9.99/€9.99/$9.99 USD Premium Pack which features 14 additional bomber characters, some inspired by Gradius, Silent Hill, and Castlevania. The DLC also adds more multiplayer options, enabling owners to establish a private Room Match to play either Battle 64, a Standard game for up to 16 players, or Grand Prix mode for 3v3 points play.

Konami is yet to give Super Bomberman R Online's Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and Steam versions a release date, with the publisher only saying it'll launch on the platforms "soon".

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